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Mumbai-Nashik Route



If you have to travel within Maharashtra, a car would be the best possible way to travel. The highways within Maharashtra are great, and nothing can defy the fun of road trips.

One popular route where people travel a lot is between Mumbai & Nashik. People often prefer driving down to Nashik, and it is undoubtedly a better way to travel. Many people also prefer taking Mumbai to Nashik taxi service for easy transit. Let us learn more about the route and Mumbai to Nashik car hire.

Mumbai is known to be the financial city of the country, and it is located on the coastal line. The city is a hub for all economic activities, and it contributes maximum towards the GDP of India. You will find a mix of all cultures here since people from the rest of the country migrate to Mumbai with dreams in their eyes. Mumbai has something for everyone, and there are also many places to visit in and around Mumbai. So, if you are looking for weekend getaways, you will find many.



Nashik is yet another important city in Maharashtra. It is located on the riverside of Godavari, because of which you will find many ghats and temples in the city. You might also know that Kumbh Mela is hosted in Nashik every 12 years. Apart from this, Nashik has its own Sula Vineyard, a popular option for a weekend getaway. When you are in Nashik, you can also visit Kalaram Temple, Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple, Muktidham Temple, etc. From Mumbai, Nashik can be a popular weekend destination.


Things to do in Nashik

There are lot of things that can be enjoyed and explored in Nashik like you can take a tour for wine tasting, engage in some fun activities, try river rafting, shop from saraf bazaar, go for trekking, have a sunrise trek and much more

Nearby Tourist Places

Sula Vineyard

This is the most popular Vineyard in India, and they offer stays and trips to the Vineyard. Certainly a place that you will enjoy and all year long, the vineyards are a sight to see. This is the best time of year to visit a vineyard since that is when the grapes are in full bloom, from January to March. Also, the winter and monsoon seasons of Nashik are renowned for bringing out their finest.

Sita Gufa

One of the most prominent locations in the Ramayana, the epic story that forms the basis of contemporary Hinduism's narrative is the Sita Gufa (also known as Sita Gumpha). Ramayana protagonist and heir presumptive Rama's wife, Sita, is referred to as the "Caves of Sita" in this translation. Panchavati, an area in what became Maharashtra state, Maharashtra, was formerly a part of Rama's 14-year exile.


It is often considered a place of religious importance for Hindus, and it is a set of 7 hills. The temple is on a hill encircled by seven peaks, at an elevation of 4659 feet above the sea level. Maharashtra's Ardha Shaktipeeth is regarded to be one of the Sadetin Shakti Peeths. An eight-foot-tall statue of the goddess has been fashioned out of natural rock. Every one of her nine hands on each side is holding a different weapon.


Panchvati is a place of worship for Hindus, and it is easily accessible through Nashik. Its location on the banks of India's second-longest river, the Godavari, makes Panchvati a popular tourist destination. In the native language (Marathi), the five banyan trees of Panchvati are known as Vat Vriksha. The Land of Five Banyan Trees is the origin of the name Panchvati.

Pandavleni Caves

 These caves date back to the Mahabharat times as per the epics. There are 24 caverns in the Pandavleni caves that reflect the Hinayana Buddhism. Musical fountains, museums, and a variety of culinary outlets are all included in the mysterious caverns. Within the complex, you'll find a number of monasteries and temples, as well as several water tanks.

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Different cab options from Mumbai to Nashik

Customers may choose a taxi from a variety of options, including micro, small, premier, sedan, SUV, and more. Our online taxi reservation service also provides reduced taxi fares. You've got nothing to lose by getting started now. Take advantage of our service for get ready to travel in style.

  • The fare is very dynamic. The km charge can be between Rs 9/km to Rs 18/km. In addition, the one-way fare can vary between Rs 2300 to Rs 4500. This is also dependent on many factors. The toll and the marking charge are over and above these.

How to Book?

Booking a cab with GaadiBooking is very simple. You need to visit

Steps to Book your Cab on GaadiBooking
1. Enter Detail: Enter your from & to location, your Date & time and select your type of cab
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Mumbai To Nashik Duration And Distance

The distance from Mumbai to Nashik is 170 km, and it usually takes 3 hours & 30 minutes to reach Nashik if you hire Mumbai to Nashik taxi. The ideal time to visit Nashik is between October to March. When you call Mumbai to Nashik taxi, they will take you through the Western ghats.

The route is very beautiful during the monsoons, but it can also be slightly risky. In such a case, you must use Gaadi Booking for Mumbai to Nashik car hire. They will ensure full safety during your trip, and the expert drivers at GaadiBooking will make the trip more enjoyable.

Popular cab routes from Mumbai to Nashik

The most popular cab routes from Mumbai to Nashik is NH169 which will take only 3 hours 48 minutes to reach your final destination.


1. What is the estimated fare from Mumbai to Nashik or Reverse?
The fare of the trip is calculated based on the trip duration, km travelled, and the time of booking. In addition, the fare can be slightly higher if you are booking a one-way trip.
2. How Can I Book a Cab?
To book Mumbai to Nashik taxi service, you can visit You can then enter your pick-up & drop point. In addition, add the start & end date to get the estimated fare. Once that is done, you can proceed and book the cab for your trip.
3. How many people can travel in a single cab?
When you are booking a cab on GaadiBooking, we display the number of passengers the car can accommodate. You can also calculate by looking at the passenger capacity of the car and subtracting one out of it.
4. Are the drivers reliable?
We carry out the background check of the driver, and we ensure that the drivers are highly reliable. You will never face any complaints while you book from GaadiBooking. We also offer 24x7 customer support.
5. What is the ideal vacation duration for Nashik?
This is subjective. You can plan a single day return from Nashik, or you can even visit Nashik over the weekend. For a more relaxed vacation, you can book your stay in Nashik for a longer duration.

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