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Cool Summer Getaways in Maharashtra

Summer!!! Is it too sunny and hot to go out? Is it quite humid and dehydrating to go out? No good place to visit in the vicinity apart from the waterparks? You would be surprised seeing some of the magnificent places, seeming as if we are in abroad. Escape into the country’s most magnificent tourist attractions, it is the perfect time for discovering different places and spending your holidays in....

Want an Everlasting Monument Moment – Visit the “Incredible !ndia”

Gear up for the most exciting adventurous moments, not just places but the people, their culture, their language, different spices & food and still the unity in diversity would be a thrilling, breath-taking experience you will ever come across in your life. Massage your inquisitiveness and open all your sensors for the surprise that the Indian nature awaits with its open arms

So before exploring or visiting the Incredible !ndia something....

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Dynamic approach adopted by the players in the travel and tourism industry in India

From the ancient Egyptian bazaar and the Greek agora to the virtual and online shopping experience, marketplaces have evolved and come a long way. The marketplace is a platform where vendors can come together to sell their products or services to a curated customer base. The idea behind a marketplace is to enable the owner to bring together the right vendors and the right customers to....