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Name Naveen N
Firm Name Naveen N
Partner Type Car Owner
Business Since 2018
Fleet 2
Car Models Swift Dzire / Innova 6 Seater
City Bengaluru
Address Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Popular routes -
Rating & Reviews 3.67


Vipul Anand

Enjoyed the trip.. Driver was very nice and showed us all spots for visit.

Vidya Naik

We are not happy with the service. The driver was extremely unprofessional. He was sarcastic and always eager to give his unsolicited opinions and advice. He had a problem with the place where we we're staying at and constantly dissed our choice of location. He became rude when we did not visit places according to his choice. He went to the extreme of not allowing us to play music as he wanted to listen to his songs. When we used our own speakers to play soft music he started playing his own songs on the car audio system. His driving was harsh causing us a lot of pain. After a point we had to tell him to slow down. For everything he did, he negatively placed it on the location we were staying at. Last but certainly not the least, when we book a car we expect some kind of decency in the driver to keep it professional and drive safely without constantly nagging us about everything we are doing. Unfortunately this cab booking was a huge let down for us. Thank you